Health Professions Review Board Application Forms
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Application Forms

To apply for a review to the Review Board, please print, complete and deliver one of the Application Forms.

Alternatively, if you prefer you may simply write a letter to the Review Board.

Your letter must include all of the following:

  • identify the decision or disposition for which a review is being requested,
  • state the relief being sought and why the decision or disposition should be changed,
  • your name address and telephone number, and if you have an agent to act on your behalf in respect of the review, the name of the agent and the telephone number at which your agent may be reached ,
  • include an address for service for the purpose of delivery of any notices in respect of the review, and
  • be signed by you as the applicant or by your agent.

Please Note: Your application for review must be made in writing and signed.  To protect your privacy and ensure confidentiality, the Review Board does not accept applications for review by email.